InConventus Group provide the best agricultural services 366 days in a year

We know how to consolidate agribusiness in East-Central Europe.



InConventus is a learning experience company that shares ideas and teachings by the best experts in agriculture and more.

Through our education platforms, agricultural study trips, online academies, and both digital and live events e.g. local and international conferences, congresses, forums and farm days, we give people access to transformational knowledge to empower them to kickstart their personal growth, business development and lead extraordinary lives.

We are a Poland-based Meeting, Destination and Association Management Company (PCO, DMC & AMC).


These projects inspire us to help communities around the world.

InConventus Travel - Management Tours in Agri-Food Sector

FARM RADIO - voice of farmers

Polish Agricultural Council - leading companies of the Polish agri-food sector

AgriLab - market leader of ad hoc research in agribusiness of Poland.

Our Mission and Vision

The mission of InConventus Group is to actively contribute to the creation of an export-oriented, highly efficient and innovative agricultural sector in Poland.

Vision of InConventus Group is the largest professional company of Polish agri-food sector, progressive-minded and represented in most regions of the country, offering a wide range of services for agribusiness.

The main priorities in activities:

To support in communication with the bodies of state power and administration, including involvement into legislation development;

To set up beneficial communication for business (В2В);

To provide the full-spectrum services for agricultural, food and resources companies.